About Our Company

Tired of spending a fortune on cell phones and cell phone accessories? Here at KK Computer and Services, we are dedicated to providing quality products and service to our customers. So, why go to your local chain phone provider when you can stop by and get great prices and wonderful customer service.

We offer several services for all of our customers’ mobile phone needs.

Drop your phone in water? Before you purchase a new phone bring it down to us for our water damage repair service.

Did you switch cell phone providers and don’t want to buy a new phone? Our cell phone unlock service can save you money and prevent your from having to buy an expensive new phone.

Whatever you are looking for we, are certain we will be able to help you out.

If you are looking for a service for you and your family’s cell phones, call KK Computer and Services in Toronto, ON today!


Why Choose Us

  • Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction
  • Cell Phone Repair You Can Trust
  • Affordable Mobile Accessories