PC Repair

Problems with your Pc or Laptops?

Repairing Windows, PCs and Laptops, is one of our primary services. We mend computers and laptops at component level and promise to save you money as well. Below, is a list of most common problems. If you have a problem which is not listed, contact us and we will do all we can to sort it out as quickly as possible.

Laptop Motherboard Problems

The motherboard is the main component of any laptop. If anything goes wrong with it, the whole laptop stops working. To save you money, we mend the motherboard, rather than replace it.


Mac Screen Problems

Although Macs have very good quality screens, they can be broken accidentally. The Computer Shop has the expertise and experience needed to replace screens on all Macs.


Desktop Pc Problems

The desktop PC is essential to any business. We sort out every kind of desktop problem, from hardware to software, from configuration to installation. And we fix desktops at component level. Either we will come to you, or you can walk into our service centre.

Desktop Repair

Power jack Problems

If your laptop works only when you hold the charging cable, you might need to replace the power jack. We provide a same day service for this: all we need from you is the correct model number and we will quote you the exact cost.


Laptop Screen Replacement

Broken screens are a common problem with laptops. We provide same day screen replacement service on any laptop. All we need is the correct model number and we will quote you the exact cost.


Virus Removal

If your computer or laptop is running slowly, you are getting pop-ups or are being redirected to different websites while you are on the internet, your computer is probably being attacked by a nasty virus. We provide a same day virus removal service if you walk into our repair centre or call us for a home or office visit.

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